How To Custom Domain Blogger Blog

If you own a blogger blog and wish to change your domain name from to .com, as shown below:

and have no clue at all, then here is a very good tutorial to guide you. When you start a new blog at Blogger, you will be given a default shared domain blog address in this format: As you may have noticed, this address has included, making it very long, and harder to remember. More so, it does not look so unique for a professional blog.

If instead you would like to change this to a shorter, unique and easy to remember custom domain like, then welcome on board, because after reading this article, and applying all that’s taught herein, you should have a custom domain Blogger Blog.

What is a Custom Domain Name?

A custom domain is basically a domain that has three parts:

The First Part which is usually/preferably: www.
The Second Part which is basically the name you want: for instance itsadsresult
The Third Part or Domain Extension: for instance .com or .net or .org or .biz etc.

The .com domain is the most preferred because of its popularity. When you create a blog on Blogger, the address of that blog is in this format:, and every other person that also creates a new blog on Blogger also have this in his/her blog address. This part in these blog addresses is referred to as a shared domain name, because many people are using it equally at the same time. This is just like living together as a family under one roof.

Why Use a Custom Domain Name?

The .blogspot addition to the default Blogger blog address makes it very difficult to remember. By switching to a custom domain, you will eliminate this shared part of the domain name, and make it really easy for visitors to easily remember your blog address. Also, the custom domain says a whole lot more about your blog, giving it a good impression especially for professional blogs.

How Can I Get a Custom Domain?

Basically, you can get a custom domain for 10$ (add or take a few cents) per year from a good reseller. You will be required to renew the domain name annually with this same amount to keep using it.

Buying through Blogger is better, so if you can, take this option because it saves you some trouble. Alternatively, if you are like me and want to buy your Custom Domain elsewhere ( in case you wish to know, my three domains were purchased from, then go ahead, but just know that you will need to do some work. Not to worry, all you are required to do after the domain has been approved, is to set up the DNS as follows:

1. Login to your account at (or where your purchased domain is domiciled. Just go to the reseller’s website and Login) with your username and password.

2. There is a menu on the left: Click on the ‘Domains‘ sub menu. And when it drops down, Click the ‘Manage Domains‘ under it.

3. In the page that loads, you will see the domain(s) you have in your account. Click on ‘M‘ under the domain name you want to use for your Blogger blog.

4. On the Management Tools Menu on the left, click ‘Edit DNS Record‘

5. On the next page that loads, you should see 4 rows of TextBoxes. Don’t worry, I will tell you what to enter in them.

6. The first Column of TextBoxes has a header captioned ‘Hostname‘. Please, enter @ in this box, and in the ones below it in that column.

7. The Second Column of TextBoxes has a header captioned ‘TTL‘ (which is short for Time to live), please enter 3600 in each this box and every other one directly below it in that column.

8. The Third Column of ComboBoxes has a header captioned ‘Record Type‘. Select ‘A(Address)‘ in the topmost ComboBox and every other one directly below it in that column.

9. The Third Column of ComboBoxes has a header captioned ‘Address‘. Please enter the following IP addresses (one IP address per textbox)

10. Click on the ‘Save Changes‘ button. And wait for the next page to load. When it has fully loaded, you should see an additional but Empty Row Of TextBoxes.

11. In this empty row, you will need to enter the following:
Under Hostname, enter www or m (if you are powering mobile site)
Under TTL, enter 3600
Under Record Type, select CNAME (Alias)
 Under Address, enter (Note: there is a dot after the and it is compulsory you add this dot.) or (

12. That’s all on this end. Please confirm that what you have is exactly as shown in the image below:

If this is exactly what you have, then it’s time to go over to Blogger and do the remaining work.

Follow these steps to point your blog to this new domain name:

1. Log in to your Blogger account. Please make sure you are using the new interface, otherwise switch now.
On the left-hand side, Click ‘Settings‘.

2. Under ‘Publishing‘ , you should see your blog address. Under this address, click the ‘+ Add a custom domain‘ link.

3. Then, Click on the ‘Switch to advanced settings‘ link.

4. Enter Your Domain Name in the textbox after the ‘http://‘. Please, start with ‘www.’ and do not include ‘http://‘. For instance, I would enter in the textbox if that was the domain name I registered.

5. Then click the orange-colored SAVE button.

Once you have done this, do not try loading your blog through the Custom Domain. Just wait for One Hour, and do not edit the domain settings within this time frame. After one hour, you will notice that you can load your blog using the custom domain. Even if you try using the .blogspot domain, it will forcefully point and display the custom domain in the address bar.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope I have saved you so much time and effort. If yes, recommend this article to your friends, and drop a comment in the box below to tell me so. But if you still have some difficulties, tell me what problem you still have with the comment box below and I will try my possible best to do justice to it.

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