Google Adsense, & Addynamo: Which One is the Best?

Google Adsense as you know is one of the most reliable contextual advertising company publishers use in making money online, I guess that’s not new. Is it? Addynamo on the other hand was launched not quite long ago but is making waves on the internet. They do this not only with their contextual advertising program only, but also with their sponsored tweets program which lots of people have been benefiting from, whether you are a blogger or not. Another very strong contextual advertising company on the way is
Before pushing further I’d like to say that; this article is not written to condemn adsense, overhype addynamo, or vice versa. But to outline some important features of these three companies and the service they render as well as their good and grey sides.

Google Adsense

Google adsense as you must have already known, is a contextual advertising company that supports adsense for content, adsense for search and adsense for mobile. It also supported adsense for feedwhich was recently shut down. Among all listed products, you only make more money on adsense for content and sometimes from mobile, but even at that, you must get your fingers dirty before you can make good money from it. First, getting into Google adsense is almost as difficult as putting an elephant’s head through a needle’s eye, secondly, maintaining your adsense account is no less, they hit you once you go against their written program policies. What a horror!
Not trying to scare or discourage you here – most especially if you don’t have an adsense account yet. Adsense may be difficult to get and maintained, but not impossible. And on the other hand their pay is highly attractive. In protecting your account, all you need do is read and abide by Google Terms of Service, adsense program policies and ask questions on forums about how you can protect your adsense account, why people were banned and how to prevent such mistakes – There are several people who’ll be willing to give you facts about it. Contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. The company is powered by three giant companies; Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing making it a very strong rival to Google adsense, with in the game, adsense should be very careful and should take it easy with their customers. People using the program are not complaining about their CPC cos it’s satisfactory, but adsense pays more though. Their complaints are bent on different things, some are; only accepts websites on manual review (takes 24 hours), they must manually review every single site you want to place their ads on unlike adsense that allows you to add adsense to all your web pages including your articles on web 2.0 sites (e.g after getting just one adsense account, they sometimes do not approve micro-niche sites and some other flimsy excuses… The service of this company is simply good but can’t be compared with adsense, may be that’s for now. They beat Google adsense with their live customer support though.
Here’s something you’d like to know about, their kind of link list ad unit is built on a floating bar, see image below:
With this kind of ad placement you’ll get lots of clicks, I mean lots of it. could be a good alternative to Google, most especially for the reason that their ads are more like menus and not like Google’s format of adverts which carries “Ads by Google” of “AdChoices”, this is almost known to all internet surfers and is going hackneyed.
Reasons why I prefer Google than Google has a large network of ads; covering several niches, countries, they also pay better; is bent on accepting sites with most of their traffic coming from the US and the UK – This is not Google, Google covers more countries.
Reasons why I envy users: There’s no fear of instant lose of their accounts – No insecurity, they get good (live) customer support, the floating ad unit rocks.


Addynamo is awesome at accepting new applications, they accept any application. Even if your site is not yet driving much traffic, they accept you. You don’t also have to sweat yourself over getting banned; I have never heard that anyone got banned from Addynamo, someone may have been banned but not one that I know. Addynamo is easy to get and maintained, they equally pay publishers well. But their pay is slightly not as attractive as the one of Google adsense too. Standard websites uses them; I have seen addynamo ads on and Secondly, Addynamo sponsored tweets is fun. If you have a Twitter account, you can participate as a Twitter Publisher with Addynamo, and get paid by advertisers to promote topics you support.
You’ll have to link your twitter account, once you’ve done that; you will receive notifications via email every time an advertiser loads a campaign for you to respond to. You can accept or decline the brief & set the price you want to be paid. It’s that simple! But I’ve had friends who testified with screenshot of making $1000+ from addynamo sponsored tweets. No rush! I know you want to go and register with them right away. But here’s what’s required, a fat twitter account, I mean you must have lots of followers. Once you have a good number of followers, Addynamo sponsored tweets will be just fun throughout.

Putting it together
Google seems strict (they’re certainly not bad) but all that strict side of them is just to protect their business and advertisers’ interest, there’s no live customer support cos of the numbers of publishers they have. Addynamo may be a good alternative plus it looks easier to operate than Google Adsense but Adsense simply pays more. is almost as good as adsense. These three companies as you can see are all great. Your decision should be the one to use at a particular time, if Google shows off, go take If shows off, Addynamo is there to receive you anytime. They pay Nigerians in naira.
Hope someone got informed, Kindly share your thoughts on the comment.

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